Pick a country you're interested in from this list

  1. That country's page will contain a link to all the relevant Wikileaks cables. Glance at them; familiarize yourself with the contents.

At this point, you can do various things. Here's a partial list:

Route A: Cable Coverage:Edit

  1. Choose a cable or an issue the Wikileaks cables bring up and start using Google to find the extent to which it's been covered. If your country of choice is Tunisia, look for Tunisian news sources.
  2. Post any links you find to good articles covering the cables. Use your judgment. The goal is to create a useful archive of what exactly *has* been said about the cables so that we can better establish what hasn't and needs attention.

Route B: DiplomatsEdit

  1. Choose a few cables and see who wrote them. Google that diplomat; create a page for that diplomat with relevant info (how long has s/he been at that post? Where was s/he before? Which cables was s/he involved with? Link to them.)

Route C: Media outletsEdit

  1. If, after Route A, you're finding that different media outlets have very different things to say about a particular Wikileaks cable, that's interesting. Investigate why, and create (or edit) a page for each media outlet as you get to know it. What's its angle? How is it regarded in its home country?

Need an example? Take a look at the Chile page. Edit