Paul simons


All the cables from the Embassy in Santiago are available here .


Past Diplomats:

  • Paul E. Simons , Ambassador
  • Carol Urban , U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission (author of the "Skeletons in the Closet " cable concerning current Chilean President Sebastian Pinera's past and the "Meet Chile's President-Elect" cable, containing the U.S. assessment of the newly elected president. )
  • Juan A. Alsace , Economic and Political Counselor, author of the confidential "Indigenous Rights" cable detailing a meeting between the Ambassador and Jose Antonio Viera-Gallo (Minister of the Secretariat General of the Presidency) on the "Mapuche problem." Also author of the secret cable on the Feb. 6 meeting between the Ambassador and Interior Minister Yoma to discuss the "potential radicalization" of the Mapuches in Chile as well as transparency of USG interactions with the Chilean police (carabineros).

Original Cable CoverageEdit

  • Cable containing Chilean Interior Minister Yoma's request for US aid in dealing with the "Mapuche issue" (including speculation that indigenous groups are funded by FARC) is here . Quote: "The U.S. has experience at both national and state levels on the integration of indigenous peoples into the broader U.S. society."
  • Cable on current President Sebastian Piñera's evasion of charges of financial improprieties in his past which were brought to light during his presidential campaign against Eduardo Frei. Cable is here . Cable subject line reads: "Conservatives Beat Back Skeleton in Pinera's Closet."
  • A cable on a conversation with Sebastian Piñera on his priorities for Chile and criticisms of Bachelet's government is here.

Links to Media CoverageEdit

On cables pertaining to intellectual property, from .

On US plans to support Chile in order to reduce Hugo Chavez's influence in South America, from Peruvian paper El Comercio .

Chilean coverage of the cable containing the U.S.'s frank assessment of current President Sebastian Piñera (including the questionable legality of some of his past financial dealings) is available in the following places:

Chilean reporting on Pinera's government's efforts at damage control as a result of the Wikileaks cables on his past:

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